Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tool 6 - Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion In and Out of the Classroom

Todays Meet is a really cool tool that can be used in the classroom. This tool allows you to create basically a chat room where people given the URL can come and share ideas together. A great way to incorporate this in my classroom would to have it  as part of our center routines. The students can log on using a netbook and access the chat I have created. Once there, they can post how they feel about the topic currently being covered.

Another tool that I found very useful and interesting was the WallWisher tool. This tool would be great for staff to use. Staff could go on the Wall Wisher and write announcements that the whole staff needs to know. Each staff member can then go online and look at the wall. Here is my wall.

Tool 5 - Producing with Web 2.0 Tools

Using Bookr, I created this book on Birds.

Birds by Ms. Moffett

I found using Bookr was simple and fast! A way that Bookr can be used in the classroom is by having me make a book to incorporate into my lesson. I can also create a book to review a concept we have covered. Since Bookr is an easy and simple tool to use, my students would be able to easily create a book on their own.

Another tool that I used was the Trading Card feature in Big Huge Labs. I made a trading card based off the cube figure.

Trading Cards can be used in many ways. One way that I would incorporate trading cards into my classroom would be to make a set of 3D figures and then give cards to students who make good choices. The objective of this would be to have the students try to get cards and then trade with other students so that they could collect all the cards in the set. At the end of the week, students who have been able to collect a whole set would get a small classroom prize.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tool 4 - Moving up to the Clouds

For Tool 4, I made a document using Google Docs and had a coworker edit the document from her computer. I also took a document that I had saved in Microsoft Word  and put it into Google Docs. In Google Forms, I made a little assessment for my students. This assessment is over our current unit, Economics.  

Google Docs is a great resource to use in the classroom. With their SBISD email, students can access their document on any computer with Internet access. This makes doing homework on the computer for me to look at easy and simple.

Google Forms is also a great resource. I love the idea of making a quick assessment on my computer and then have the students go on the classroom netbooks and answer the question. I am excited to use both Google Docs and Google Forms in my classroom. 

Tool 3 - Finding Online Video and Images Resources

After looking through the websites listed, I found YouTube the be the most useful. I have used YouTube in many of my previous lessons and I continue to find videos that are useful in my lessons. I feel that YouTube has an easy search area and since there are minimal ads, I find it easy to navigate.
Here is a video that is great for learning the Hard g and Soft g sounds. I used this video in a lesson last week. My students found it very engaging.
Here is another good video that I have used in my class. When we learned about the life cycle of a ladybug, I used this video in my class.

Fair use and copyright is something that was taught to my in my college classes. After watching the videos, I did not know that Dance fell under fair use. I found that very interesting.

Dropbox is a tool that I have used before. In my class, drop box would be a great way to incorporate technology. I could have a dropbox account for my class and using the netbooks, but students could save a document into it and then I can go in and look at it from my computer.

Tool 2 - Building Community in the Online Environment

I have enjoyed reading blogs for a long time. In the teaching community there are and endless amount of blogs written by teachers. Even though I have visited multiple blogs, I have never posted on one. Today was the first time that I commented on a blog. I felt that even though I was putting my voice out on the internet through another persons blog, it did not feel any different than writing a post here. A blog that I plan on visiting in the future is http://stepintosecondgrade.blogspot.com/. This blog is updated regularly and I have found many great ideas that I can implement in my classroom.

Tool 1 - Getting Started - Creating your blog!

I have now created a blog! I found my experience extremely easy and user friendly. Once I was in Google Apps for educators, I found it very easy to navigate around google and blogger to create my blog. I am looking forward to creating more posts!