Friday, April 19, 2013

Tool 3 - Finding Online Video and Images Resources

After looking through the websites listed, I found YouTube the be the most useful. I have used YouTube in many of my previous lessons and I continue to find videos that are useful in my lessons. I feel that YouTube has an easy search area and since there are minimal ads, I find it easy to navigate.
Here is a video that is great for learning the Hard g and Soft g sounds. I used this video in a lesson last week. My students found it very engaging.
Here is another good video that I have used in my class. When we learned about the life cycle of a ladybug, I used this video in my class.

Fair use and copyright is something that was taught to my in my college classes. After watching the videos, I did not know that Dance fell under fair use. I found that very interesting.

Dropbox is a tool that I have used before. In my class, drop box would be a great way to incorporate technology. I could have a dropbox account for my class and using the netbooks, but students could save a document into it and then I can go in and look at it from my computer.

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