Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tool 9 - Incorporating Classroom Based Devices as Tools for Learning

I feel that technology is something that is in everything in today's world. As an educator, it is very important for us to incorporate technology into our objectives and classrooms.
Accountability is extremely important in any workstation. Students need to be learning and accountability is the way to make sure that this learning is taking place.
Looking through the different websites, I really liked I liked Tutpup because I think it would be a great workstation for my students. Students can go on and "race" other students in math and spelling. This would be a great way to review spelling and math facts.
Another website I liked was This website has an endless selection of educational games. This would be a great way to incorporate fun into learning. My students would be asked to go to a certain game each day. For the workstation, I would expect for them to complete that game.
The way I make my students accountable during workstations is through the use of a workstation journal. During each workstation, the students need to write about what they are learning in the workstation. \

An few apps I like for the Ipod Touches are: abc PocketPhonics Lite: letter sounds & writing + first words, Grammar Jammers, 1st grade: Math Splash, and Deep Sea Duel 

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